JUNE 6 + 7, 2020




We are on a mission – for each other, for our planet and for the story we leave behind. Combining music, innovation, sustainability and inclusivity, VIRGIN FEST is a multi-day festival experience that will merge world-class entertainment and hospitality, while honoring a lasting social responsibility to our community and world at large. Come for your favorite artists, discover new ones, explore revolutionary technology and party with purpose. ALL ARE WELCOME.



Sounds fun, but when are you announcing the lineup and selling tickets? + -

The full lineup will be announced early 2020. At that time all ticket types will go on-sale. Sign up here to get all the details as they drop.

What can I expect to experience at VIRGIN FEST? + -

Divulging all the secrets would be no fun, but all great things are worth the wait. We can promise it will be one big party, so consider this your Save the Date! With multiple stages both outdoors around Exposition Park and indoors in the Banc of California Stadium, you will be far from bored. Our mission is simple: a personalized and optimized experience for each fan. You’ll get music, music, and more music, while weaving your way through mind blowing future technologies and of course a few surprises that can only be experienced at VIRGIN FEST.  We’ll satisfy your hunger with a variety of food options and have hydration stations for when you are a bit parched.  There won’t be any single use plastic bottles or cups, but we’ll have many drink options if water is not your cup of tea. There will be clean climate controlled flushing bathrooms(!!), comfortable seating for the main stage (if you want it), standing room floor (if you don’t), and shaded areas at every turn. You’ll pinch yourself June 6+7, when you realize VIRGIN FEST is not too good to be true.

How do I know if VIRGIN FEST is for me? + -

Our purpose is simple: Host you for a weekend of entertainment that truly is inclusive, beyond just saying the words. We plan to uplift our shared humanity by igniting a spirit of community for all, so that our fans feel safe, embraced and free to enjoy the experience with music and other discoveries regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, religion, ability, political party or who they love. That’s right…ALL ARE WELCOME @ VIRGIN FEST.

My brand or company would make a great match with VIRGIN FEST. How can I become a brand partner? + -

We are into making friends. Email us at partners@virginfests.com to spark up the conversation.

What if I’m thirsty for more? + -

Simple. All of your questions and the latest updates will be answered on social (follow us). Or you can sign up here for a more direct approach. We look forward to unveiling soon… Cheers!

Merging music, innovation, sustainability and inclusivity, our mission is to curate an event that not only entertains, but inspires fans to care. With a diverse lineup of international talent, cutting edge technology and an unwavering commitment to people and the planet – this is the music festival of the future, today.